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At the end of summer, members of LNMA (Latvian Independent Forestry Association) gathered at the METSATEK production facility. The meeting with the new board of LVM (Latvian State Forests) was discussed in the audience, the members had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the research of the selection company FONTES on the remuneration of the forest industry and the latest products were presented to the first, in cooperation with Cargo Mobile SIA - a timber semi-trailer with a hydromanipulator and a novelty on the Latvian market - three-axle logging trailer OZTREYLER.

In the METSATEK factory, Cargo Mobile SIA, in cooperation with SELF Logistics, presented a heavy-duty timber semi-trailer DENNISON made in England with a front-mounted hydromanipulator Loglift F96ST. With the availability of such a product on the Latvian market, customers will have the opportunity to adapt to the seasonal demand for transportation. In the summer season, farmers can transport grain, while in winter, such a trailer solution can be used to transport timber. By being able to adapt to seasonality, the car load is ensured to the maximum.

As the second innovation at the METSATEK production facility, in cooperation with Cargo Mobile SIA, a completely new product was presented on the Latvian market - a three-axle timber trailer OZTREYLER. It is manufactured in Turkey, taking into account our technical recommendations and understanding of customer demand in the Latvian market.

With the new OZTREYLER trailer, the goal is to offer customers an alternative, lower-priced solution, while at the same time providing the highest possible quality, performance and convenient after-sales service with service maintenance.