Metsatek offers full-cycle superstructure project development. Starting from a specially designed technical solution, to production, construction and after-sales service. Our goal is to provide you with maximum working time on the road.
Why chose Metsatek
  • high quality and individually customized product
  • possibility to order in one place everything needed for a timber truck - body, trailer and manipulator
  • direct communication with the client
  • we provide warranty service (1 year)
  • we promptly carry out bodywork maintenance and service
Where to order a Metsatek timber truck body?

If you have decided to buy a Metsatek timber truck body, you can do it:

Contact us!

Metsatek Project Managers will help when:

The customer already HAS the chassis - it needs a superstructure
The superstructure order process can be coordinated directly with the customer, or the project management can be entrusted to a representative of your chassis dealer. During the process, an individually tailored body solution is developed.

The customer does NOT have a chassis - you want to buy a complete timber truck solution
Sadarbībā ar mūsu partneri SIA Cargo Mobile tiks piedāvāts kāds no gatavajiem šasijas un kokvedēja virsbūves risinājumiem vai tiks individuāli izstrādāts jauns virsbūves projekts.



During the meeting with our Project Manager, we will clarify information, which will result in the production and delivery terms of your new timber truck.
In order for the first conversation to be as productive as possible, we invite you to consider your preferences in advance.


After talking with the customer, all detailed information is passed on to Metsatek engineers, who prepare an individually tailored solution. According to the project drawings, the necessary body components are manufactured and ordered.


Metsatek's superstructure's metal and steel components are mostly manufactured, welded and painted in-house at our factory. Hydraulic hoses are also prepared on site. As for the hydraulic manipulators, trailers and tire pressure control solutions, they are ordered from world-renowned manufacturers.
We provide a one-year warranty and warranty service for our installed timber truck body solutions.


The handing over of each new timber truck to the owner is special!
Before heading for the road, we will train you in working with the hydraulic manipulator, introduce you to the nuances of the bodywork and equipment, and we will be eager to capture the handover moment.
We wish you good luck in your work and a long working time on the road with the Metsatek superstructure!

Chassis already available / chassis not ordered yet
Based on the planned delivery date of the chassis at the Metsatek factory, the production schedule and installation time of the body parts will be adjusted.

Working country and conditions, planned cargo assortment, log length and driving distance
Especially important when you want to order a new chassis. The right chassis configuration for the working conditions will affect the maximum working time on the road.

Manipulator selection
Evaluate what type of manipulator you want to install - with an operator's cabin ]or with a topseat. The choice of manipulator will determine which platform will need to be installed. For example, if you choose a manipulator with a cabin, then the platform must be longer so as not to hit the last load supports during work.

Choice of hydraulics
When choosing hydraulics, the intensity of the planned work and budget options should be evaluated. There is a choice between a cabin with variable or fixed single-flow hydraulics. A cabin with single-flow hydraulics will not be powerful enough to perform several operations at the same time.

Cabin control selection
When installing the cabin, it is possible to choose it with mechanical control (crank), hydraulic levers or electric levers. The main difference: mechanical control will be a more budget-friendly solution, while hydraulic or electric control will provide more precise control of the manipulator, higher loading speed and efficiency.

Choice of support bunks
Metsatek offers to install two types of support bunks.
Metsatek (steel) – durable and more financially friendly solution. The customer can choose the color of them.
ExTe (aluminum ends / metal base or full aluminum) – lighter, the possibility of loading a larger load and a more economical solution in terms of fuel consumption.

Choice of trailer
The customer has the option to choose between three trailer manufacturers' solutions.
OZTREYLER (Turkey) - budget solution, H&W Kaldary (Germany) - optimal price, well-rated brand, Jyki (Finland) - premium quality and highly rated brand.

Choice of cargo tensioners
We offer to install pneumatic or mechanical cargo tensioners for Metsatek superstructures. The advantage of pneumatic tensioners is a higher level of safety. For example, in an emergency braking situation if the logs on the trailer are not properly secured with a mechanical tensioner, the log can fly into the cabin.

Tire pressure control
To improve the handling of the timber truck, it is possible to equip it with the BIG FOOT tire pressure control system.

Design of cabin and support bunks
Every timber truck owner can be proud of it. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the design of the cabin and support bunks, which will allow the car to stand out and be recognizable. We will be happy to prepare the visual design of the car before it heads out on the road.

About us

METSATEK is the leading timber truck superstructure manufacturing company in the Baltics, providing full-cycle project implementation. Starting from an individually designed technical solution to production and building. In addition, we also provide chip and other wood transportation solutions with full service.
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Reg. numb: 40003917967
VAT numb: LV40003917967
Address: “Kaldari”, Ķekavas pag., Ķekavas nov., LV-2123, Latvija

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