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METSATEK, the leading automotive company in the Baltics, unveils the latest production modernization equipment in its production facility – large-sized painting and scraping chambers, a CNC metal bending press and robotic welding equipment. With this event, an investment project in the amount of more than one million euros is successfully concluded.

The implemented improvements allows the company to become the most modern automotive manufacturer in the Baltics, to increase the volume of production and to provide customers with consistently high-quality products. In addition, 10 new jobs have been created and the working environment for employees has been improved.

 Of the total investments, EUR 638,353.99 is invested to the purchase of four new production equipment machines. Investments were acquired in cooperation with LIAA (Latvian Investment and Development Agency) and the project "Creation of new technology for the introduction of modular timber carrier bodies in production", as part of which METSATEK receives a grant of EUR 351,094.69 from Norway.

Additionally more than 500,000 EUR from METSATEK funds were invested in the reconstruction of buildings and territory. As part of the project, two new production workshops were built, a well-equipped technical area was created and the security conditions of the area were increased.

After the implementation of the project, METSATEK manager Guntis Bukalders reveals:We begun this road of development in December 2021. In three years, more than one challenge has been experienced. I would like to thank both the METSATEK team and our cooperation partners PROFIBUS, RADEX, SVYDIS, NAGLIS & ERR and KROWN Fredrikstad for their perseverance and orientation towards joint solutions.

The result is remarkable and has enabled METSATEK to become the most modern and largest automotive company in the Baltics! Already today, we have expanded the range of superstructure products and also offer our customers solutions for tippers and various platforms."

The purpose of the investment project is to promote the increase of METSATEK's productivity, export capacity and competitiveness by introducing into production a new product - a collapsible aluminum / steel log carrier body with a unique constructive solution, as well as to introduce innovative technologies, thereby significantly reducing the impact on the environment.