Continuing the implementation of export plans, Metsatek takes the first step in entering the German market! From June 19 to 22, Metsatek participated in one of the world's largest forest industry exhibitions KWF.In cooperation with Voll Logging GmbH, this was an opportunity to showcase the first Metsatek timber truck body built for the German market.

Guntis Bukalders, Metsatek Managing Director: “Each country has its own specifics for the timber truck bodies. Minimalist and more standard solutions are characteristic of Germany. We can be proud that our product solutions are distinguished by premium quality and the ability to find an individual approach to the needs of each customer. During these four days, it was also appreciated by the representatives of forestry companies. Currently, our task is to prepare the most suitable offer for the German market. And hopefully, Metsatek bodies will soon be working in the German forests. "