Day: 15 May 2024

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The new production facilities will allow to expand the range of production solutions

In April of this year, METSATEK concluded a 1.1 million euro investment project, unveiling the latest equipment for the modernization of the production plant. It includes large-scale paint and shot blasting chambers, a CNC metal bending press and a welding robot. 

All four production facilities open up technically new possibilities in the production process of METSATEK products. This modernization strategy will strengthen the course taken by the company - a convincing leadership position in the production of timber truck and other superstructure solutions in the Baltics, as well as the expansion of the customer base in Scandinavia. These production improvements are available to our customers today,explains Guntis Bukalders, METSATEK Managing Director

Welding robot

With welding robot METSATEK can currently perform at least twice as many welding work hours. Ensuring a consistently high precision welding job.

Large-skale paint and shot blasting chamber installation allows processing of parts up to 12 meters long, which is a rare availability in Latvia. The technological advantage of the chosen painting chamber is the possibility of dividing it into two separate zones. This means the possibility to carry out two different dyeings at the same time and separately control the temperature to ensure suitable drying conditions.

Large-scale shot blasting chamber

The shot blasting chamber is probably the only one of its kind in Latvia at the moment. It processes ferrous metal parts with metal shot. This method, in contrast to the usual sandblasting, ensures the preparation of almost perfect quality parts for painting.

Additionally, with CNC metal bending press acquisition, METSATEK will strengthen the independence of the production processes. As previously the bending of metal parts was used as an outsourcing service.

CNC metal bending press

From the total investments, EUR 638,353.99 were invested in the purchase of four new production equipment machines. Additionally, more than EUR 400,000 of METSATEK funds were invested in the reconstruction of buildings and territory. As part of the investment, two new production workshops were built, a well-equipped technical area and increased security conditions of the territory.

Large-size painting chamber

The implemented project allows the company to become the most modern automotive manufacturer in the Baltics, to increase the volume of production, to provide customers with consistently high-quality products, 10 new jobs have been created and the working environment for employees has been improved.

Of the total investments, EUR 638,353.99 is invested to the purchase of four new production equipment machines. Investments were acquired in cooperation with LIAA (Latvian Investment and Development Agency) and the project "Creation of new technology for the introduction of modular timber carrier bodies in production", as part of which METSATEK receives a grant of EUR 351,094.69 from Norway.

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METSATEK is the leading automotive company in the Baltics, performing full-cycle project implementation. Starting from a specially designed technical solution, to production and construction. In addition, we also provide timber and other wood transportation solutions with full service.
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